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Revision Cycles

Airline publications are under a constant state of change. Airlines are bombarded with large amounts of complex data. Airline change management processes are subject to over site from regulatory bodies. The subject matter experts participating in the publication process are highly mobile and are often out of the office. Due to these challenges the administration of airlines publications review and approval processes consume a significant amount of time. Often more time is spent on managing the process as opposed to focusing on the accuracy and quality of content.

The Solution

TechPubs' TechSuite significantly streamlines publications review and approval process via automated comparisons, automated customizable workflow, and project management functionality.


Maintaining "one version of the truth" across hundreds of document that reside in several different departments is a monumental task. This task is further complicated when the different departments have different software tools for their publications. With legacy solutions identification of common, shared, and dependent content is via employees memory and knowledge of the documents. Due to these challenges it is not unusual for a high number of manual interfaces to be missed, exposing the airlines to risk associated with differing procedures and policies.

The Solution

TechPubs' TechSuite is an enterprise wide capable content management solution, interfacing with Flight Operation, Maintenance, and Internal company manuals.


Airline manufactures have shifted to XML based manuals. Some manufactures are communicating deadlines after which they will only supply XML content. XML based publications create many advantages such as significantly smaller file size, eliminating the need for formatting, and dynamic assembly and publishing. However, without the proper tools in place XML manufacture manuals can create more work load and increase the chance of errors. Without the proper tools, XML manufacturer manuals often require content to be re-formatted and re-typed.

The Solution

TechPubs' TechSuite can support OEM XML directly. TechSuite enables a carrier to import OEM XML, compare, make direct edits, publish, distribute, and view OEM XML.

Going Paperless

Eliminating paper and going electronic is an initiative for many carriers world wide. The emergence of iPads and other tablets has made going paperless more economically feasible. When beginning this initiative, many organizations focus on the end state device, its application, and how this device will receive data. Unfortunately most organizations do not consider how to best enable the data for its intended use. In many cases organizations initially deploy a PDF format manual based system without realizing that a PDF system creates large file sizes and does little to provide additional functionality other than "paper on glass".

The Solution

TechPubs' TechSuite is an end-to-end, XML enabled solution. TechSuite includes XML viewing applications for market leading Windows and Apple devices providing users with an interactive viewing experience with significantly smaller file sizes (about 1/10th the size of pdf files).


Aviation is one of the most highly regulated industries worldwide. Safety and compliance are essential to running a successful airline. Airlines often begin preparing for audits 6 - 8 months in advance with teams of subject matter experts, amounting to several hundred hours of preparatory work readying their manuals. The methods and means for preparing the manuals for the audit is disjointed from the everyday publications operations; therefore, within months the effort that went into preparing for the audit is lost and must be repeated over and over again. This difficult exercise is a constant challenge for most airline operations, particularly those facing multiple audits by multiple authorities.

The Solution

TechPubs' TechSuite creates a "marriage" between regulatory checklists and the associated content within the airlines' library. Once the regulation and manual content are linked with TechAuthor and TechPublisher, real-time queries and regulatory reports can be executed at the push of a button.

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Maintenance Repair and Overhaul

TechPubs understands that Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) organization demands are often magnified by the need to conduct work for multiple carriers while being subjected to multiple regulatory entities and audits. TechPubs’ TechSuite provides MRO’s with an agonistic technical publications and compliance management platform. TechSuite provides MRO’s with:

  • An advanced authoring tool for internal manuals, methods and procedures, etc.;
  • The ability to receive, distribute, and view OEM content (SGML, XML, PDFs, etc.) while keeping the content intended functionality intact;
  • A single viewing platform that can support content from multiple airlines and manufacturers, simultaneously enabling library wide access and searching.
  • The ability to synch content with its customers instead of cumbersome DVD distribution efforts;
  • A compliance management system that can support multiple regulations concurrently and allows for creation of internal, custom audit checklists.

TechSuite can simplify the management, distribution, and viewing of manuals and other vital content while easing the burden of preparing and proving compliance to regulations and airlines’ quality assurance programs alike.

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Maintenance and Engineering

We understand the extraordinary information management demands on Maintenance and Engineering departments, and that these demands are exponentially increasing with the onset of next-gen aircraft. Unfortunately, most Technical Operations content management systems are not positioned to address the technical publications associated with these new aircraft.

TechPubs' TechSuite software is built on top of PTC's content management and dynamic publishing solutions. We provide Technical Operations with a solution that is able to efficiently address legacy and next generation technical publications for both OEM and company.With TechSuite, Technical Operations are able to:

  • Import OEM manuals directly to a CMS that can handle next generation aircraft content
  • Perform automated comparisons and execute content conflict resolution
  • Eliminated the need to create supplements by editing OEM content directly
  • Automate the process of analyzing Service Bulletins, Engineering Orders, etc.
  • Streamline the authoring of Task Cards content re-use and linking
  • Deploy a single distribution and viewing solution enabling full library access and searching while eliminating risks associated with DVD distribution

TechSuite presents exceptional value to airline Maintenance and Engineering departments because of its ability to eliminate the need for several fragmented solutions, support mixed fleet operations, and support an airline enterprise wide.

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Flight Operations

Flight Operations is a complex business, and more so every day. More airlines are moving to mixed fleet models, taking on more aircraft, and more sophisticated aircraft; all while the flight deck and cabin are demanding new technology such as iPads and other mobile devices.

That's why TechPubs developed TechSuite. The different modules of TechSuite–content management, editing, publishing, distribution & viewing–can reduce the effort associated with updating and producing Flight Operation manuals. Flight Operations functionality includes:

  • Automated manual comparisons and approval facilitation via integrated aviation workflow
  • Content re-use, advanced linking & content notifications create “one version of the truth”
  • Eliminate re-keying content with the ability to import and edit OEM content directly
  • Distribute, render & view significantly smaller XML data parcels compared to PDFs
  • Personalized & interactive viewing experience
  • Link manual content to their corresponding regulations, enabling library-wide queries and automated reporting

TechSuite is the recognized leader in Flight Operations technical publications and compliance management. It is a proven solution and the solution of choice for the majority of the top North American carriers. TechSuite Flight Operations functionality is available “off the shelf,” reducing project risk and increasing implementation speed and return on investment when compared to customized system integration projects.

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